i love me like this. // me quiero así.


this poem came to me the other night while i was looking at pictures of myself. i can’t say that i’ve hated who i am, but there have been many times when i’ve looked into the mirror and not liked what i’ve seen. but that’s been changing.

i like myself, most days. i love my curly hair and my round nose. they tell the story of where i come from. i love the little birthmark that sits on my nose, and the big one on my leg, el antojo, that looks like a big coffee stain. maybe God was drinking coffee when he was making me. i like myself, because i am beautiful. i am walking poetry. i love myself, with or without the pounds i’ve lost.

i love myself like this, because this is who i am. this is how i was made.

i love me like this.

i love me like this,
with the night in my eyes
and the cinnamon moon
that sits atop my nose.
i love me like this,
with my wild and untamable curls,
who only listen to the wind.
i love me like this,
with my skin that matches
the café con leche i love to drink.
i love me like this,
with my poetry and without her;
with the words i feel
and the words i’ve kept to myself.
i love me like this,
light and free;
because this is who i am,
this is who i was made to be.
me quiero así.
me quiero así, con mis ojos color noche
y mi nariz redonda
y la luna de canela que vive sobre ella.
me quiero así,
con mi pelo rizado e indomable
que solo se deja llevar por el viento.
me quiero así,
con mi piel del mismo color
del café con leche
que me gusta tanto.
me quiero así,
con mi poesía y sin ella,
con las palabras que siento,
con las palabras que callo.
me quiero así,
mágica y única;
porque así soy,
porque así me hicieron,
porque sí.

you are here.


i thought i was chasing you,
but you are the one chasing me,
telling me you love me
when you paint the sky
with pink and amber,
with the soft kisses of raindrops on my forehead
and the promises that hide in rainbows.
i thought you were hiding,
but you are everywhere,
turning flowers into love songs
and the sky into a love letter.
you are here,
making everything around me lovely,
making everything beautiful,
making me stop in my tracks,
making me stop chasing what’s always been mine.

let’s be.

let’s be love letters
written to broken hearts
with words of kindness, of grace,
of hope.
let’s be love songs
that play over and over,
that echo in every soul.
let’s be shoulders to lean on,
open wide arms,
open wide hearts.
let’s be lights
that lead each other home.