open windows.


my bedroom is the foremost room in my house.
it has the only window with a view. a nice one, anyway.
when i look out my window, i see the sky and cable lines and palm trees and my mother’s garden.
it’s not very often that i look out my window.
there is always something that steals my attention.
but today, i looked outside.
birds were sitting on the cable lines and singing.
the sun was bright.
the sky was blue.
hummingbirds jumped around the flowers.
every flower was in bloom.
it was a lovely, lovely sight.

when i opened my window, i let the daylight in.
the light entered my room and made it bright.
and that beautiful view stirred something inside of me.
it inspired a new poem.
it inspired me.
it reminded me that there are always beautiful things to see.
that there are good things waiting for me if i want them.
if i open the windows of my soul, Light will come in and make everything beautiful, like He always does.
inside my soul, there can be fear and doubt and mistakes and feelings of inadequacy and darkness.
but when i open my windows, i let the Light in.
i let Light chase away my darkness.
my mistakes. my shame. my pain.
when i open my windows, i let hope and grace and bravery in.
i let them make my soul their home.
and my life turns more beautiful.
my life turns into something i cannot make on my own.
it turns into freedom.
it turns into art.

let’s look out our windows more often. there are so many  beautiful things our eyes miss. let’s let the light in and let it show us what we can’t see. let’s find beauty and hope when we look outside.


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