let the daylight in.

open the windows
of your soul
and let the daylight
rush in
let it swallow up
the darkness
and let it
dance in your heart
and watch it
take away the
pain and the hurt
and let it
sparks of hope
in you
open your windows,
open your doors,
open your soul
and let the daylight in

this poem is from my book A Song of Bravery, which is free today and tomorrow! may you let the daylight in. may you be brave. may you let hope guide you. may you find light and joy. may hope and grace trump the pain you’ve been feeling.


on flowers and life.

buying flowers is one of the things that brings me the most joy. i don’t buy them just because they make me happy, or because they’re beautiful or make my room look nice and smell good.

i buy them because hope lives in flowers. because flowers and life are so very similar. because i wish to be a flower.

flowers begin as seeds. they’re buried in the earth. they need sun and rain and time to grow. it takes time and effort before flowers begin to bloom. winter has to end and spring has to arrive. and when spring comes, glory shines down on those flowers and they bloom. they show their majestic and bright and colorful petals.

and i guess life’s a lot like a flower. there are tears and hard days and dark and rainy nights and pain. and time passes and it feels like you’re stuck in the same season and that you’ll be stuck forever. and you don’t see it, but the bittersweetness of your season changes you. it makes you stronger. it makes you brave. it teaches you lessons. it makes you grow. and then your spring comes, and just like the flowers, you bloom. and the world gets to see who you’ve been all along. they see your glorious and beautiful petals. they see the wonderful being that you are. you bloom, and you see that you are not who you were. your soul grows as big and bright as a sunflower’s petals and you find that it no longer fits where you used to fit, that you can no longer be a small seed hiding in the earth. you uncover the art and the beauty and the glory that have always lived in you.

buy yourself bright flowers. buy them and keep them in your room, so that every time you see them you may remember that you’re as bright and lovely as they are. buy them so that they remind you of who you’ll be, of who you are: bright and bold and gorgeous and unfolding.

buy them to remember that you too will bloom.