celebrate that you are still here.


let every breath you take remind you that you are alive. let every smile you smile remind you that your heart is beating. let every time you blink remind you that you have worth. let every step you take remind you that you are still here.

you are still here.

and that makes you a fighter. it makes you wonderful. it makes you alive. you are alive. celebrate that. you are alive, and the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, and there are flowers blooming, and you are alive.

you are alive. and so is hope. go on a walk, and you’ll find hope hiding everywhere. 

in the gray sky that waits for the sun to come back tomorrow.

in the caterpillars that will turn into butterflies one of these days.

in the seedlings that will turn into trees.

in the rosebuds that will bloom.

in the winter that knows it is ending soon, making a way for spring.

hope lives in you, too. hope hides underneath your skin, reminding you that this winter of yours is only a season. reminding you that you are not who you’ll be. that you will bloom. that the daylight will make your soul its home. hope is in your bones, reminding you that you are still here. that you are still alive. that your life is waiting for you to grab it by the shoulders and shake it.

and as you wait for your winter to end, celebrate.

celebrate that you are still here. that your heart is still beating. that beauty is everywhere you look. celebrate the flowers that are growing down the street. look at them, and marvel at their simple beauty. at the way they reflect their maker. at the way the reflect glory and hope and grace. take one and put it in your hair.

look up at the sky, and smile at it. smile at it when the sun shines and when it rains. laugh. cry. do whatever you have to do to remember that you’re alive. listen to the song your heart beats for you and sing along. choose to celebrate and love your season. choose to see beauty everywhere. let every beautiful thing remind you that you are alive. that you are here. that your heart hasn’t given up.

you are still here.


loved, so loved.


i want to be wild. to leave trails
of stars and spring and
rain and light and
glory behind me.
to never settle. to never forget
who i am
who i was
who i’ll be,
who made me
and why my heart beats.
to let the sun make my soul its home.
to let freedom run in my blood, to look at the sky and to find the
smiling down at me.
to let drops of rain
soak me.
to feel, to know that i am alive, that this heart of mine was meant
to beat.
to believe that i am
so loved.
and to know that my eyes were meant to see glory, to know that the
to know in my heart, my soul, my bones, my inmost being
that i am a child of the Light, a daughter of the sunrise and
so loved.
to know that this life of mine was made on
that my eyes
and i
and my feet
and my heart
because it is what
to know that i am not
a mistake, i am not a failure.
i am my dreams and my
laughter and my
tears and my
hopes and i am
so loved.