Know Yourself

Whenever I get a God-inspired book, I postpone reading it as much as I can.

I do it because of fear. Because I know the words on those books are going to change the way I see myself. I know that knowing the truth about myself is going to require of me to be different. To be brave. To no longer act the way I used to. Knowing myself means that I cannot longer settle for what I used to settle. Knowing myself scares me. And yes, knowing myself should be scary.

But not to me. Not to you. Knowing and owning who we are should be scary to the enemy of our souls.

Because when we know who we are, we know what we are capable of. We know that we are not ordinary. We believe in God’s words about us. We believe that so much power and love and boldness have been breathed into us. We have a voice. We have a story to tell. A song to sing. Words to write. And the art that you and I make with our lives has the power to change others’ lives. It can change the world. There is light and healing and redemption and grace written all over us. There is power in our art. And not just any kind of power. Power from our Maker. He has given so much to us, and we are scared of uncovering who we are. We treat ourselves as if we are some kind of Pandora’s Box, when in fact we are the exact opposite.

We have life in us. We have a courageous and bold spirit. We have love. We have joy in our bones. There is wonder and grace and beauty in who we are. There is strength and hope and light in our souls. We are brave. We are bold. We are marvelous creations. We have dreams and words and songs and art that will break chains. That will bring healing. That will change hearts.

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And our enemy knows that. And he feeds off of our fear because he knows who we are. He knows we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows we were made to point others to love. He knows we are precious works of art. He knows we have so much worth and God-given power. He knows we have fears. And he knows that the day we understand who we are will be the day that fear no longer matters. He knows we will no longer believe the lies about ourselves. He knows that we will be walking confidently, knowing and resting fully in Who made us.

Know yourself. Know your Maker. Believe that you are a walking poem, a lovely creation, a brave and bold soul made to do great things. Believe that you were made to bring glory to your Creator. Believe that you are here for such a time as this.

“I can’t imagine anything more dangerous to the enemy of our hearts than people who know who they are.” // Emily Freeman