The Face of Bravery

Bravery has many faces.
It looks like climbing a mountain.
It looks like jumping off of a cliff.
It looks like moving to a college dorm.
It looks like singing on a stage.
It looks like riding a roller coaster.
It looks like writing a book.
It looks like getting on an airplane.
It looks like trusting others.

And last week, bravery looked to me like going to a tea shop to meet an Internet friend for the first time. Being brave looked like saying “hello”. It looked like sharing my heart and telling stories I’d never shared before. It looked like being intentional about pursuing people. It looked like leaving the fear of meeting new people behind.


Bravery has many faces. It looks like many things. Sometimes it’s big. Sometimes it’s small. Sometimes it’s bold and bright. Sometimes it goes by unnoticed. The face of bravery will keep on changing every time you and I face a fear.

But there’s something about bravery that never changes. Bravery will always be the best choice. Bravery will always be better than letting fear win. Bravery will always be better than staying safe. Bravery will always be better than staying in your comfort zone. Even if it’s hard. Even if your knees are weak. Choosing bravery will always be the best choice. Because being brave means no ‘what ifs’. Bravery means letting yourself be surprised by what you’ll find. Bravery means not holding back. Bravery means living out what you were called for. Being brave means that you’re really living. Bravery means looking at fear in the face and telling it to leave.

The face of bravery will keep changing. Fear is going to be in many places.

And it’s up to you and me to keep showing up.


16 thoughts on “The Face of Bravery

  1. sethhkessler says:

    Thank you for this.

    “You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world, and after you walk through those doors today you will only ever have two choices: [Bravery] or Fear. Choose [bravery], and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

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  2. Katelyn Watkins says:

    Gaby, you inspire me every time I see you post something whether it’s a picture or a quote or something you’ve written etc.! Thank you for this. I needed this reminder because I have so many things coming up, both big and little, that I need to be brave for. Even things like painting pictures that look too hard/tricky for me and being scared of messing up (that happened yesterday but I conquered it!!!) I’ve started a bucket of beautiful moments from each day to read at the end of the year and the majority of them so far have been titled “Conquered Fears.” One step at a time!

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  3. Rachel Dawson says:

    “Bravery will always be the best choice” — Gaby, I LOVE that. Thank you for your content bravery and vulnerability. I see brave written all over you, woven into your very nature and throughout every string of words you piece together when you write. This is beautiful. So grateful for your heart.

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