Someone Like You

Hey, I see you. I see your heart. I see your eyes. And in them I see light. I see a spark dying to set the world on fire. I see your fear. I know you’re afraid of being vulnerable. You’re afraid of being judged. You’re afraid of being rejected. You’re afraid of not being good enough. And so, you keep your heart and your soul and your passions and talents and dreams hidden somewhere they’ll never be found. I see that. And I know you can’t keep on living like this. I know your heart can’t take it. I know you sometimes cry yourself to sleep because of this fear that’s eating you alive.

But friend, you need to know the world needs you.

This world needs people who want to encourage others. This world needs people who want to change it. This world needs beautiful souls. This world needs light. This world needs hope. This world needs to know it’s loved. This world needs people to shine in the darkness. This world needs people that makes others want to dream. This world needs someone like you.

Someone who makes beautiful art with her hands. Someone who writes gorgeous poetry. Someone with a soulful voice. Someone with words to encourage. Someone who takes beautiful pictures. Someone who inspires bravery. Someone who writes stories. Someone who writes songs. Someone who moves others to dream. Someone who brings out the good in others. Someone with a servant’s heart. Someone who sings songs of hope. Someone who makes others feel beautiful. Someone who writes the truth that will set others free. Someone with healing hands. Someone who shares their story. Someone who makes others laugh. Someone who takes care of others. Someone who loves. Someone who lives out what they were made for.

Someone like you.


Because you matter. Because you were made for more. You were made for more than hiding in fear. You were made to bring glory to Who made you. You were made to dream. You were made to live out those dreams. You were made to bring light to the world. You were made to make beautiful things. You were made to share hope. You were made to spread love. You were made to soar. You were made to love. You were made to be you.

Because this world needs someone like you.


12 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. Taylor says:

    Thank you so much. That is very encouraging for me. I was just accepted yesterday I to a school (I have been homeschooled since first grade) and I am very nevous/excited but this really spoke to me about being a light there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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