My Words

I’ve spent the majority of my short eighteen years on Earth believing lies about myself.

I believed I wasn’t beautiful. I believed I wasn’t special. I believed I wasn’t important. I believed I didn’t have anything to share with the world. I believed I didn’t have any worth at all. I believed I wasn’t worth forgiving. I believed I couldn’t follow my dreams. I believed I couldn’t change the world. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t believe in my words. I didn’t believe in what the God that made me said about me.

I’m learning not to believe in those lies anymore. I’ve chosen to listen to the voice of truth. The voice that says that I am special. The voice that says my words can change the world. The voice that says “I made you. You are my special possession. I made you, fearfully and wonderfully.” Sometimes it’s hard not to believe the lies, especially on days when things don’t come out right. But I’m learning that even when it doesn’t seem that way, truth is still true.

And truth is, I have a voice. And I have words to write and words to say. And I’m going to spend my life writing those words and singing them and screaming them at the top of my lungs.

I’m going to write poetry that makes you smile. I’m going to write words that remind you of how worthy, how amazing, how loved, how brave you are. I’m going to use my words to inspire, to bring light to the dark places. I’m going to make art with my words. I’m going to reflect glory with my words. I’m going to encourage you with my words. I’m going to love you with my words. I’m going to point you to Love with my words. I’m going to embrace the wonderful creation that I am by using my words. My words will not be marked by fear. My words are going to be brave. I’m going to be brave with my words.


The amazing community that’s shown me to be brave and live fearlessly is the fabulous #fireworkpeople community. It’s a group of wonderful, beautiful women choosing to pursue their dreams and encourage one another. They love, they inspire, they are changing the world with their words. They’ve helped me see my worth, my bravery, and they’ve helped me acknowledge the fearfully and wonderfully creation that I am. They even made me share a video of myself singing. Care to join? You won’t regret it.



10 thoughts on “My Words

  1. leahmancl says:

    Ever since I joined #fireworkpeople I haven’t looked back! You are all AMAZING women and I’m so glad to be on this journey with everyone.

    You DO have a voice and it IS making a difference, no matter what you might tell yourself once in awhile when you get down. I believe in you 100%!

    Liked by 1 person

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