Never stop loving.


Hey, you. We need your love. No one else can take your place in this world. Don’t stop loving because you’ve listened to doubt. Don’t listen to the voice that says that you’re not enough. Because someone needs to listen to your words. Someone needs your encouragement. Never stop loving. Share the love that’s in your heart. Don’t hold back. You, darling, can never love too much. Never stop loving.

Don’t stop loving because your heart has been broken. Don’t stop loving those you haven’t forgiven. Don’t stop loving because you’ve been hurt. Don’t let your heart turn bitter. Give grace. Give forgiveness. You’ve been forgiven. You’ve been given grace. You have been given love. And you have been given love to share with all, not just the ones who love you. Love because love can tear down the walls of bitterness. Love because love can soften hearts. Because love changes hearts.

Love because you were called to love. Love because love is the reason you are here right now. Love because love always protects. Because love always hopes. Because love endures. Because love never ends. Love because everything else runs out. Because only love remains. Love because love is what makes this life worth living. Love because love covers a multitude of sins. Love because love brings hope. Love because love brings healing. Love because you were first loved.

Yes, there will be people who will reject you and your love. But there are those who crave to be loved. Love those who crave it and love those who turn their backs to love. Because those who turn their backs on it are the ones who need it the most. Because one day love will tear down the walls they’ve put up and will come rushing into their hearts. Love because love always wins. Love because love is more than bitterness and hard feelings and grudges. Love because love is enough to fight anything that comes. Because love is more than enough.

Never stop loving.


5 thoughts on “Never stop loving.

  1. Jessica says:

    Gaby! So I got nominated for the Liebster Award (which is really just the blogger version of something like the ice bucket challenge), and I decided to nominate you! If you wish to participate, just read the latest post on my blog, then comment once/if you responded 🙂


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