Be Brave With Your Words

Words are beautiful. Words carry power. Words can encourage. Our words can do so many things, and often we keep quiet. Don’t let the little voice inside your head tell you that you cannot inspire, that you cannot encourage, that you are not enough to brighten someone’s day. Because you can encourage. Because you can brighten someone’s day, by simply telling them that they’re loved. If we are honest, that little voice of fear is speaking to me right this second. That little voice of doubt is telling me that no one reads my words. That I don’t have anything special to share. That people before me have written these words. That there are more talented people out there than me. That I’m not good enough to have this little space on the internet to share my heart. That I should give up on this dream. But that voice is little. That little voice lies. Because, what if my words could spark something inside someone else’s heart? What if my words gave someone that little push to brighten someone else’s day? What if my words give hope? What if my words made someone smile? What if my art inspires? Don’t let that little voice steal your joy. Don’t let that little voice kill your dreams. Be brave with your words. Be brave with your heart. Be brave with your life.


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